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  • Scalable Paas for IOT
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About IOT Engineering

From chipset manufacturers and internet providers, to cloud companies and Big Data analytic platforms, the IoT comprises a world where physical objects are seamlessly integrated into an information network and can become active participants in business processes, enabling endless possibilities.

A global network infrastructure, ability to link physical and virtual objects, exploitation of data capture and communication technologies paired with all objects in the world being equipped with miniscule identifying devices can be transformative to daily life.

The Three Pillars


    Seamlessly connect any device and collect data to your IoT Hub


    Gain real-time visibility and control over your assets with Device Cloud


    Transform machine data into actionable information on your IoT Platform enabled by Rainterra

Rainterra’s IOT

Enables enterprises to build faster, more reliable and scalable projects for their Internet of Things. Rainterra creates a handshake opportunity between the physical world and the system world resulting in improved efficiency, accuracy and increased economic benefit.
"We have a clear vision to create a world where every object from jumbo jets to sewing needles is linked to the Internet”.

Success will be nothing less than global adoption

Internet of Things (IoT) Considerations
    Strategic Alignment

    IoT consultants and engineers who work closely with you to understand your unique business processes and business drivers and determine how an IoT solution can transform your business.

    Device Connectivity Strategy and Technology Selection

    Device monitoring, application accleration, data storage and bundled transformation service, including endpoint connections.

    Scalable Cloud Solutions for IoT

    Remote monitoring, application hosting, data storage (short term and long term) and bundled cellular service, including ongoing management of cellular connections.

    IoT system integration

    Integration architecture roadmap, custom dashboards, web applications and mobile applications.