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Big Data

There's a lot of hype out there about "big data". The reality is, you have lot of data, and you need a low-maintenance, low-cost way of turning that data into value. We at Rainterra can provide low-cost, scalable, zero-capital solutions you are looking for. Our platform services provide a rich ecosystem to build your big data solution on. Rainterra can architect a solution that works best for you, from source data to dashboards, and provide continued support 24/7.

Very low-cost archiving

Durable, low-cost storage of archived data is a critical part of any big data solution. We provide a variety of tools to make this incredibly simple.

Low Cost archiving

Real time streaming

These days, nightly jobs aren't enough. Users want data fast. Rainterra can help you implement a near-real time streaming data solution that leverages the best technology available for maximum scalability with minimum maintenance.

Real time streaming

Extract, transform, and load (ETL) jobs

We build highly scalable, cloud-centric ETL workflows to get your data from where it resides to where you can report on it, so you can combine all the critical data sources across your enterprise.

Extract, transform, and load jobs

Data Warehousing

Rainterra will design data warehouse schemas applying best practices for data governance and performance.

Data Warehousing

Dashboards & Reporting

If your data is locked away in a database and only a developer can build new reports, your data project has failed. Rainterra will help you adopt reporting & dash boarding tools to democratize your data and empower your team to make data-centric decisions.

Dashboards & Reporting
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